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1. "It doesn’t happen often enough. To have one‘s mind blown. Music so often is the tool that creates the opportunity. GLASYS brought a gorgeous keyboard, on his back, up to our studios on Saturday, and laid out an incredible symphony of sound." - Inessa Anderson, Portland Radio Project. 

Click here for the full article and Drop-In-Session.
2. "I was turned onto Glasys yesterday... dude has some MAJOR keyboard chops!"

"It's no secret that I am a big fan of local keyboard wizard / singer / songwriter GLASYS." - 
Jason Fellman, J-Fell Presents.
3. GLASYS was a guest on Wild Planet Radio, click here to hear the live performance and interview.

4. Musician extraordinaire Logan Lynn on Twitter:
5. You can now hear GLASYS' 2 hour guest appearance on Dream River Radio's "The New Mainstream", complete with a live performance and a fun interview.
6. GLASYS performed a 5 song set for TVPDX, watch one of the videos here or check out the TVPDX Website for the entire set.
7. Coming Up Mag featured GLASYS as one of their new music discoveries. Click here to read the article.

8. Nord Keyboards, manufacturer of the instruments GLASYS uses to perform his music have featured his live TVPDX performance on their Website's Homepage as well as their Facebook and Twitter pages. This feature eventually led to an endorsement by the company.

9. GLASYS' performance of The Future on TVPDX was the featured video on Oregon Music News, Oregon's all-genre music magazine.
Check out the article and feature here.

10.  "With this combination of excellent craftsmanship, professional reliability, and accessible friendliness – GLASYS is a band to watch carefully." - Kelly M. Jones, Portland Notes.

Portland Notes have published an article about GLASYS along with a recorded interview and new live video. Click on the image for the full article:

11. "It was a joy to watch GLASYS get into the zone in the studio and play his heart out. Watching his performance is fascinating and inspiring." - Luke Neill, Portland Radio Project.

The episode of Sounds of PDX featuring GLASYS is now online. Click here to read the article and listen to the podcast.

12. GLASYS was a guest on Dan Cable Presents Podcast. You can listen to the episode which features an interview and live session HERE, and watch a video of the performance below:

13. Pro Photographer Sarah Neill attended GLASYS' show at Turn Turn Turn in Portland on 8/6/16, check out the photos here.

14. Vortex Music Magazine has premiered the title track from GLASYS' debut EP 'The Pressure'. Check it out here.

"Your first listen to Assayas' evolution comes in the form of the impassioned title track where you can easily imagine his fingers flying across the keys of his cherry-red Nord synthesizer." - Chris Young, Vortex Music Magazine.

15. GLASYS' first single The Pressure has been aired on a number of local radio stations and shows, including XRAY FM's Take It To The Bridge hosted by Theo Craig. You can stream the episode HERE. 

The song has also made it on to the playlists of great local stations Wild Planet Radio and Portland Radio Project.

16. Coming Up Music Magazine has shared GLASYS' first single The Pressure. Check it out HERE.

17. Commercial Radio Station 101.9 KINK FM has added GLASYS' first single The Pressure to it's playlist:

18. "The video is a dark retrospective on our unrelenting disconnect with our important surroundings. It also has some great special effects that make the video unique and hard to take your eyes off of." - Next Northwest.

Next Northwest has premiered GLASYS' music video for The Great Abyss, his second single off the debut EP. Click HERE to check it out.

19. "What is interesting about Gil’s music is how he blends his classical training with the modern electronic synth sound."
To see what he has managed to accomplish in a short period of time brings excitement in anticipation of what is to come." - Teri Briggs, Portland Radio Project.

GLASYS was a guest on The Portland Playlist (on Portland Radio Project 99.1 FM), check out the article and podcast HERE.

20. Glasys' fresh approach and intense dedication to his craft is a breath of fresh air for us here on the Puckfortland Podcast. - Edward Rogers, Puck Fortland.

GLASYS was a guest on the Puck Fortland podcast, CLICK HERE to read the article and stream the episode.
21. GLASYS' debut EP release show has been recommended by The Portland Mercury, Willamette Week and Vortex Magazine along with positive reviews of the EP:

'Things to Do' in The Portland Mercury:
"Performing as GLASYS, Assayas swirls keyboard compositions that scratch your chameleonic Aja itches, extracting bold moments over five progressive pop gems" -   Ryan J. Prado, The Portland Mercury.

"Performing as GLASYS, Assayas swirls keyboard compositions that scratch your chameleonic Aja itches, extracting bold moments over five progressive pop gems" - Ryan J. Prado, The Portland Mercury.

" A meticulous and immensely talented composer whose solo project Glasys releases its eponymous EP at this concert, Assayas’ music is lush electronic beat-jazz of the highest order " -  Parker Hall, Willamette Week.

"A meticulous and immensely talented composer whose solo project Glasys releases its eponymous EP at this concert, Assayas’ music is lush electronic beat-jazz of the highest order" - Parker Hall, Willamette Week.

Show pick in Vortex Magazine:
22. "A master at the keys, Isreal instrumentalist Gil Assayas shares animated vocals with faultless keyboard and synth playing to make jazzy electronic you can't help but dance to." - The Deli Portland.

The Deli Portland
has featured GLASYS' new singles and EP, click here for the article.

23. GLASYS visited KPSU's studio for a live session / interview on Live Friday with DJ Rachelle. CLICK HERE for the full podcast.
24"GLASYS’ music feels extremely skillful not only in its performance, but how each piece of the puzzle falls right into place to create an end product that’s accessible, while simultaneously offering a lot for production nerds to really sink their teeth into." - Northwest Music Scene.

Click the image for the full article in Northwest Music Scene featuring GLASYS as part of '100 Bands in 100 Days' Presented by Verity Credit Union:

25. GLASYS' single The Pressure was featured on Homoground (LGBTQ Music Radio). Click Here for the Episode.

26. "His synth lines are impeccably programmed, and he has layers upon layers of subtle chord changes that take his songs beyond pop’s simplicity. Many of his tracks are brooding and at times downright creepy, and it’s this off-kilter quality that makes Glasys such a compelling listening experience." - Tour Worthy.

Tour Worthy has recommended Tender Loving Empire's compilation release show featuring GLASYS and 5 other local acts, check it out here

27. "Very unique music that seems to have taken the best elements of differing musical styles to create songs brilliantly written and performed. To put it in simple terms, the music is inspiring." - Michael P. Jones, Positively Entertainment.

GLASYS' debut EP The Pressure was reviewed in the November 2016 issue of Positively Entertainment. Check it out HERE.

28. "GLASYS is mostly a one-man rock symphony orchestra of phenomenal talent, so bringing Coco Columbia onstage brought things to an intergalactic level." - Tender Loving Empire.

Tender Loving Empire wrote the above after the label's compilation release show at Holocene, where GLASYS was invited to perform a set (and featured Coco Columbia). Click the images for the Facebook posts:

GLASYS' track The Pressure was included in the compilation itself, named Friends & Friends of Friends Vol. 9:

29. GLASYS' single The Pressure was played during halftime at The Portland Trail Blazers NBA game on November 13th, 2016. The game took place at Moda Center in Portland (the team's home court).

Watch a video here (Facebook) or here (Instagram).
Here's a photo of the song title appearing on the Jumbotron as it was playing:
Photo by Maxwell Cope

Photo by Maxwell Cope

30. Local Portland digital media production company Stumptown Studios has featured GLASYS as Artist of the Week.

Click on the image to check out the feature:
31. GLASYS' song The Pressure was played on DJ Irene Trudel's show on WFMU (the longest-running freeform radio station in the U.S).

Click the image to hear the show:

32. GLASYS was interviewed about the music business and his own music for The Important Project:

33. "Next, you have Glasys, one of the best new acts to emerge out of Portland in quite some time. The brainchild of producer extraordinaire Gil Assayas, Glasys layers gorgeous keyboards on top of poppy, delicate vocals." - Marissa Abruzzini, Tour Worthy.

GLASYS' show on 1/4/17 at Holocene was recommended by Tour Worthy and The Portland Mercury. Click the images for the full features:
34. GLASYS was featured in an episode of PDX Spotlight (a Portland based TV show), where he performed two songs and was interviewed. Watch the full episode here:
This episode was featured as top news item on Oregon Music News:
Furthermore, one of the live videos from the episode (for a new song called Malady) went viral on Facebook (with over 40,000 views within a month) and was featured by the largest online synthesizer blog in the world, Synthtopia, on their website and social media:

35. "From the first bar of the title track of Glasys’ debut EP The Pressure, it is already clear that Gil Assayas is a musician of rare talent and skill. The Portland based Assayas is possessed of rather intimidating piano chops and assembled an impressive collective of musicians for the project." - Jonathan Wilson, Northwest Music Scene.

Click on the image for the full EP review on Northwest Music Scene:

36. GLASYS jammed at Nord Keyboards' booth at the 2017 NAMM show  together with jazz pianist Robi Botos. Nord featured part of the jam in their NAMM 2017 Highlights video:

37. GLASYS is endorsed by four gear companies: Nord Keyboards, 64 Audio, Fusion Bags and Dave Smith Instruments.
GLASYS' profile on Nord's website.

GLASYS' profile on Nord's website.

GLASYS on Dave Smith Instrument's endorsed artist list.

GLASYS on Dave Smith Instrument's endorsed artist list.

GLASYS' customized 64 Audio In-Ear-Monitors. Click for the company's list of endorsed artists.

GLASYS' customized 64 Audio In-Ear-Monitors. Click for the company's list of endorsed artists.

38. GLASYS was featured and interviewed on the KGW Channel 8 (NBC) show Live at 7. Click on the photo to watch the full segment:

39. GLASYS performed live on The Monday Sampler on KBOO (90.7 FM). Stream the episode here.
40. 'The Great Abyss' by GLASYS was played on popular radio station KEXP (90.3 FM, Seattle) by DJ Miss Ashley. Click on the image for more details:

41.  GLASYS' 2017 show at Mogo Music Festival together with Korgy & Bass and Coco Columbia was recommended by local press. Tour Worthy wrote that "With Glasys’ gorgeous keyboard compositions and Korgy & Bass’ fuzzy hip-hop, this could be the show of the year" (link) and the Portland Mercury recommended the show in their "Things to Do" segment (link).

DJ Rachelle from KPSU published an article about Mogo Festival on the radio station's website and wrote the following about GLASYS: "At first listen, I mistakenly thought his vocals belong over guitar chords. After seeing that mastery of keys – wow. That dude knows exactly what he’s doing.Click here for the full article.

42. GLASYS was featured in local Bend, Oregon publication The Source Weekly before his show in Bend on March 2017:
43. GLASYS - Finger Twisters video went viral and was posted on websites such as SynthtopiaTuxboard, and Storyful. The video was also shared on the social media pages of major gear manufacturers such as Akai and Dave Smith Instruments.
44. A follow up to the Finger Twisters video (using a vocal harmonizer called Polyverse Manipulator) went viral on Reddit and got the attention of T-Pain, who asked GLASYS to collaborate.
45. GLASYS jammed on a T-Pain live video. The jam video blew up, reached the front page of Reddit and got over half a million views in one day. GLASYS was featured on The GRAMMYS website, Billboard, Pigeons and Planes, Hot New Hiphop, CD Baby, The Portland Mercury and many more publications. GLASYS was also interviewed on KPTV, and the audio from the video was aired on BBC One.

As a result of this video's success, a collaboration with T-Pain is now in the works.
46. A Game of Thrones theme cover by GLASYS went viral as well and received press from Mashable, Synthtopia, Electronic Beats, HappyLaughing Squid and many more publications. The cover was also played on BBC One radio in the UK.
47. GLASYS collaborated with T-Pain in the studio in August 2017. T-Pain posted some Instagram videos from the sessions and HotNew published an article about the collaboration.

"Man Glasys is an absolute beast on the keys." - T-Pain.