Pre-order my Album and get it a month early!

I’m super excited to announce that you can now pre-order my album on Kickstarter for a limited time!
Here’s the link:

By Pre-ordering, not only will you get the album a month before everyone else, but you can also get some cool exclusive deals. I can write you a Ringtone, I can record a Cover of your choice, I’m offering Skype lessons and more!

Making an album is expensive, and every pledge makes a HUGE difference. Thanks so much for your support and consideration!

Here’s the intro video:

My full Dark World (Zelda) cover is out!

A couple of months ago I recorded a short cover of the Dark World theme from Zelda: A Link to the Past for the trailer of the Dark World reverb pedal by Chase Bliss Audio. I enjoyed making it so much and was feeling so inspired that I knew I HAD to create a full version. Here it is!
The whole arrangement was created using nothing but this amazing pedal and the Sequential Prophet X synth, one of my favorites.

The video was produced by the super talented John Thompson (Ballooga Media).

If you like it the cover, it’s available of all streaming websites, including Spotify!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Chase Bliss Audio - Dark World

I had a blast making the music for the new Chase Bliss Audio pedal trailer! This is the Dark World theme from Zelda: A Link to the Past (originally by Koji Kondo). All the reverb comes from the Dark World pedal!
Being the big Zelda fan that I am, I also suggested this video concept to Chase Bliss Audio and luckily found the perfect person for the job - Olivier Cléro from Solarus Games, who masterfully created the pixel art, animation and map design for the project using their free ARPG game engine.

Prophet XL Demo

Honored to be part of this demo for the amazing new Sequential Prophet XL! One of the most immediate and inspiring instruments I've ever put my hands on.
I’m so glad I got to do this alongside amazing keyboardists Domi DegalleNicholas Semrad and Peter Dyer. If you haven’t heard of these people by now, check them out - you’ll be blown away by their skills.

Body and Soul

I don't play a lot of Jazz these days but this amazing pedal (Generation Loss by Cooper FX) really brought it out of me. The song is Body and Soul, keyboard is a Nord Stage 2 EX. This is different from my usual stuff but I hope you enjoy!

I've been working hard on my album so video content is a little slow, but stay tuned for some cool updates coming soon!

Thom Yorke Live Remix (The Clock)

I just had to do a live remix for one of one of my all time favorite artists. Which acoustic (or stripped down) performance would you like to see me cover next? Leave a comment on YouTube and let me know.

Original performance on The Henry Rollins show:

Gear used: DSI Prophet 6, SE Boomstar 4075, Yamaha Reface CS, Korg Microkey 2, MWFX Judder, Chase Bliss Thermae, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Arcadia Keyboard (custom built my Moldover).

Hotel Jams & Utopia Tour

For the last couple of months I was on tour with Todd Rundgren's Utopia and it's been an incredible experience!
Here are 5 short jams I recorded live in my hotel rooms throughout the tour + some additional behind the scenes footage from my phone and fan footage from a few shows.
Catch our Jimmy Kimmel Live performance on July 9th!

Spectrasonics In-Studio Performance

I recently had the immense pleasure of performing live at the Spectrasonics studio, using nothing but their incredible software instruments (Omnisphere, Keyscape and Trillian) to create ALL the sounds - including the drum sounds which are all Omnisphere presets!
Huge thanks to Eric Persing and the rest of the amazing Spectrasonics crew for having me, and to the wonderful Moldover for building me my dream controller.

My 2018 NPR Tiny Desk Submission

New place, new studio, new song! Here's my submission for the 2018 NPR Tiny Desk Contest.

All sounds performed live simultaneously (no overdubs or sequences). I used the fantastic iPad app GeoShred (by Jordan Rudess and Wizdom Music) for the first time.

Hope you enjoy!

Everything Means Nothing To Me (Elliott Smith cover)

I teamed up with The Secret Sea to record a cover of this beautiful Elliott Smith song, using Polyverse's incredible software!
In this arrangement, we run The Secret Sea's vocals through Manipulator (I control the pitch of his voice with my keyboard) and the guitar through Gatekeeper (to create that awesome gated sound).
If you're at NAMM 2018, catch us performing at the Polyverse Music booth (9906 B) every day!

New Custom-Built Controller, NAMM 2018

I'm so excited to introduce my new custom MIDI controller, built by controllerism expert Moldover!
Check out the short demo video. Expect to see this device in A LOT of my upcoming work! If you have any name suggestions for the controller, drop a comment.

I'll be performing with this new instrument for the first time at the Polyverse Music booth at NAMM 2018. Come say hi if you're there! The Secret Sea and I are preparing a cool set using the company's incredible software.

Special thanks to Moldover for the incredible work, and to Synthtopia and Musicradar for featuring the vid!