GLASYS / T-Pain Video Goes Viral

This post is overdue, but these last few days have been so crazy and overwhelming (in the best way possible) that I didn't even get the chance to update my website!

For those who don't know, a few days ago I posted a new video where I jam to a T-Pain song on Reddit. The video reached the front page, went viral with over half a million views on YouTube, and received a crazy amount of press including a feature on the GRAMMY's website!

I'm utterly blown away by the response and would love to thank everyone who has shared/supported/purchased my music in the last few days from the bottom of my heart! 

New Video - Finger Twisters

Here's a new video consisting of 10 short musical ideas, some of which explore simultaneous keyboard playing and finger drumming. The ideas were performed live using my DSI Prophet 6, Nord Stage 2 EX, Therevox ET-4AKAI MPK mini II, some pedals and a Melodica.

I posted this to Facebook a couple of days ago and it already has over 50,000 views and 500 shares (including a share by Dave Smith Instruments) - I'm overwhelmed by the response, thank you so much to everyone for the amazing support! 

Soul'd Out Festival and Seattle show!

I'm honored to be part of Soul'd Out Festival's lineup this year! I'll be playing on April 19th at Holocene with the talented Blossom and the amazing duo from NYC, Denitia and Sene.

Get you advance tickets HERE!

I'll also be returning to Seattle on April 2nd for a show at The Substation with local bands Fian and Ida Bay. Always a pleasure playing in that beautiful city!
You can find more details on the Facebook event page.

64 Audio In-Ear-Monitors

I received my 64 Audio A6 In-Ear-Monitors a week ago, and have already played two shows with them. They sound amazing! It's so refreshing to hear yourself well on stage.
Really proud to be endorsed by these guys. If you're considering getting a pair of IEMs, you should definitely check out their products!

MOGO Music Festival Tonight!

I am thrilled to be part of MOGO Music Festival's lineup tonight! I'll be playing at The Secret Society with two killer local acts: Korgy & Bass and Coco Columbia. Get your tickets here!

We've even prepared a special GLASYS - Korgy & Bass collaboration for the night, with The Secret Sea on guitar. Check out this short teaser video, it's going to be so much fun:

Furthermore, our show got some cool recommendations in the local press! Tour Worthy wrote that "With Glasys’ gorgeous keyboard compositions and Korgy & Bass’ fuzzy hip-hop, this could be the show of the year" (link) and the Portland Mercury recommended the show in their "Things to Do" segment:

KBOO, KEXP and show tonight

Time for some updates!

I had a fun live session on KBOO's Monday Sampler a couple of days ago. They have a great staff and very impressive studio!

And, speaking of radio stations, today I found out that my song 'The Great Abyss' was played on KEXP by DJ Ashley. This is the first time my music is played on the popular station, so needless to say I'm pretty excited by the news. :)

Tonight (Thursday) I'm performing at Bunk Bar with local Portland bands DAN DAN and Earth World. Both bands sound great and I'm looking forward to hearing their sets. Come say hi if you're in the area!

Click on the flyer for details:

New Gear Endorsements!

I'm so happy to announce that I'm now endorsed by four amazing gear companies - Nord Keyboards, 64 Audio, Fusion Bags and Dave Smith Instruments!

Photo by Purvis/Stinson, GLASYS Logo by JP Downer

If you've seen any of my videos, you know how much I love my Nord Stage 2 EX HP76 keyboard.

64 Audio is a company that makes incredible high end in-ear monitors, and I have a pair of A6's on the way! Can't wait to try them out.

Fusion Bags is a UK based company that makes top quality gig bags for most instruments (as well as laptops, DJ gear). I've been using their Keyboard 06 model to carry my Nord around for over a year now and it's proven to be the best bag I've ever owned. Lightweight, comfy, durable, has backpack straps and tons of room for cables and accessories... if you're a musician and you're in the market for a new bag, I highly recommend checking out their catalog!

GLASYS with the Fusion Keyboard 06 gig bag.

GLASYS with the Fusion Keyboard 06 gig bag.

Dave Smith Instruments make some of the most beautiful and amazing analog synths in the market today. I've fantasized about owning the polyphonic Prophet 6 ever since it was announced, so needless to say I'm incredibly happy to be endorsed by the company. And look what showed up at my doorstep yesterday... expect some new videos featuring this beauty soon!

Proud to be on this list!

Proud to be on this list!

Endorse Expo, NAMM 2017 and EP review

Just came back from an amazing week in California. What an experience! Here are some of the highlights:

1. Met some awesome people at the Artist Relations Endorse Expo, including the company's found Randy Fuchs, YouTube star Nathan Alef and GRAMMY award winner Salvador Santana. Also signed an endorsement deal with 64 Audio, can't wait to receive their amazing in-ear monitors!

From left to right: GLASYS, Randy Fuchs, Nathan Alef

From left to right: GLASYS, Randy Fuchs, Nathan Alef

2. At NAMM, I got to meet some legendary synth engineers (Tom Oberheim and Dave Smith) as well as lots of amazing artists. I also won 2 VIP tickets to Moogfest from Moog, really looking forward to that!

Tom Oberheim (Photo by Jeni Wren Stottrup)

Tom Oberheim (Photo by Jeni Wren Stottrup)

Dave Smith

Dave Smith

3. One of my favorite moments was jamming on a jazz standard at the Nord booth with the amazing pianist Robi Botos. Nord (who recently endorsed me) shared some of that jam in their NAMM 2017 highlights video:

4. This one isn't NAMM related, but it happened while I was there and put a big smile on my face. My debut EP was reviewed by Northwest Music Scene:

From the first bar of the title track of Glasys’ debut EP The Pressure, it is already clear that Gil Assayas is a musician of rare talent and skill. The Portland based Assayas is possessed of rather intimidating piano chops and assembled an impressive collective of musicians for the project.

Cassettes available at local stores, NAMM next week and more

I'm so happy that the cassette version of The Pressure EP (released on Dazzleships Records) is now available at two of my favorite local shops - Tender Loving Empire (on Hawthorne) and Music Millennium. Every copy is only $8 and comes with a download code for digital files. If you live in Portland, check it out next time you're at one of those locations!

In other news, I was invited to a Pre-NAMM Endorse Expo next week as a Nord Artist. I'll also be attending the NAMM Show itself for the first time, really looking forward to it!

Check out these new business cards I made for the occasion. Graphic artist / musician JP Downer designed them and they were printed at Cravedog. The photo used on the cards was taken by my friend Hunter Paye. I'm really happy with the results, here's a pic:

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Monday Sampler on KBOO Radio with host Jessy Damon. It was awesome!

PDX Spotlight episode out! Featured on Oregon Music News and Synthtopia.

The GLASYS / The Secret Sea episode of PDX Spotlight has been released! 
We performed two songs each and had a fun interview with show host Luke Neil. Check it out:

The episode was featured on the front page of Oregon Music News, click the image for the full feature:

Furthermore, Synthtopia (biggest synthesizer news website in the world) has featured my PDX Spotlight performance of 'Malady' on the website and social media pages! Click the image for the feature:

I'm really pleased with the 'Malady' live video, it already has over 22,000 views on Facebook - and counting! Thank you so much to everyone who has watched and shared it.

Winter 2017 Shows!

Happy New Year, everybody! Some fun stuff coming up this winter.
The episode of PDX Spotlight featuring GLASYS and The Secret Sea premieres TODAY at 6 PM on Comcast Channel 11 (Portland). It will also be available on YouTube, I'll post a link!

Tomorrow I'll be a guest on 'The Monday Sampler' on KBOO Radio at 2:30 PM!

I'll be in California after that attending a Pre-NAMM event for endorsed Nord artists, as well as The NAMM Show itself.

When I come back, I'll be playing a few one-of-a-kind shows, including 'Spectacle Garden' at The Headwaters Theatre, Whim Grace's Birthday celebration at The Old Church (tickets HERE), and my next big show: MOGOfest at The Secret Society with Coco Columbia and Korgy & Bass (details HERE)!

Photo by   Purvis & Stinson

Also, here's a photo from my show at Holocene last week, which was organized by Do503 and sponsored by PBR. I had a blast!

Photo by  Charles Victus

Photo by Charles Victus

New Song on PDX Spotlight!

I'm happy to share a brand new song called Malady, performed live on PDX Spotlight, a great TV/Online show that showcases artists from Portland!

The full episode will feature both me and my friend The Secret Sea, and will premiere on January 8th on Comcast channel 11 in Portland. It will also be available for streaming at

A big thanks to the PDX Spotlight crew for having me, and to Andrew Grosse from Caravan Recordings for the great job mixing and mastering the session!